Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of Air Dried Food?

Unlike traditional dried foods that are cooked at high temperatures, our air drying process locks the goodness of our raw ingredients grown in New Zealand.

Are your treats okay for raw fed dogs to eat?

Yes. Our treats are made from the same meats as raw food diets - the only difference is they are gently air dried.

What are the benefits of Tu Meke Friend treats?

Our treats are naturally air dried. This process locks in all the vital and essential proteins and vitamins your pet needs. We don't add preservatives or flavouring to our products.

Are any of your treats good for my dogs dental health?

Yes, we recommend our Paddywack range, Veal ribs or Veal brisket, they work like natural teeth flossers.

Which treats do you recommend for training my new puppy?

Our Beef liver strips are easy to snap into smaller pieces making them ideal for training. We also recommend our snack range.

Is it safe to feed my dog veal ribs?

Yes, our veal ribs are air-dried not cooked, we always recommend supervising your pets when eating any food or treats.

How should I store my pet treats?

Keep in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Keep sealed for freshness.

How often can I feed my pet your treats?

Although your pet will want them more, we suggest feeding them 1-2 times a day. If you need extra advice please consult your vet.

How do I transition my pet from its current food to Tu Meke Friend Air Dry Food?

We recommend a gradual transition when changing your pet’s diet, to minimize the potential for digestive issues, and to help your pet’s digestive system time to absorb the high nutritional value of our products. Start with a small amount of Tu Meke Friend food added to your pets’ current food then gradually increase the amount. Do this while simultaneously reducing their old food over a period of at least 7-8 days. Please refer to our transition guide on the side of our packaging.