Pre & Probiotics

Pre & Probiotics are living micro-organisms that beneficially affect the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance, to a degree that it inhibits pathogens and toxin-producing bacteria.
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Helps support gut health and overall digestion

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GMO Free

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Prebiotics are carbohydrates and soluble fibres that are not digestive in the upper gastronome tract. They stimulates the growth and or activity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system which helps support intestinal overall good health.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote intestinal microbial balance, to a degree that inhabit pathogens and toxin producing bacteria, and produce immune enhancing substances in the gut.

Veterinary Probiotics Benefits

Veterinarians are now turning to supplemental probiotics to assist in various health issues and pets. Probiotics are prescribed for various ailments such as: infections - dietary changes - inflammatory disorders - gas and bloating - vomiting - stress - acute and chronic gastronomic gastronomical issues conditions - stomach upset due to antibiotic use

Probiotics products

Tu Meke Friend has a range of products that contain prebiotics and probiotics. You’ll find these at your specialist pet retailer. Our Tu Meke Premium Puppy & Kitten Milk Replacer Powder is Organic Milk + A2 Protein that contains 30 Millions CFU Probiotics per 5.5g sachet. Our Tu Meke Freeze Dried Dog & Cat Food contains 571 Millions CFU Probiotics and 5 gram Prebiotics per kg of dry food.

What our customers say


I have been feeding my elderly dog the puppy milk replacer for 6 weeks and seen a huge change in her, she is more lively, her coat is so soft, highly recommend this milk for any age!


Absolutely LOVE this puppy milk so convenient in the sachets I’ve had 1 x 2 week old pup and 1 x 3 week old foster pup on this and they have absolutely thrived.


My foster puppies have absolutely loved the Tu Meke puppy milk. It’s so convenient being in the sachets and so easy to make up. It actually smells delicious and it’s nice to know that it’s full of the very best ingredients for them.