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Beef Liver Strips

Dogs love our delicious air dried Liver Strips, the perfect training treat. They’re packed with vitamins to boost your fur baby, including folic acid, B vitamins and vitamin B12 for mental ability and stamina.

Free Range | Low Fat | High Protein | Grain Free

Remember to supervise your pets when feeding them treats. If the treat becomes sharp or begins to splinter please throw it away to keep your pet safe. Always provide fresh water for your pet.


100% Beef Liver, no additives, no preservatives, no processing aids

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture 12.0, Ash 5.9, Protein 65.4, Fat 12.3, Crude Fibre 0.4, Chondroitin 0.5

Feeding Guide

Treat food only. To be happy and healthy, your dog needs a nutritious balanced diet, fresh water and plenty of love and exercise.